System Features
Product Listing
  • Single Entry point for all channels.
  • Upload your listing in a click of a button.
  • Data entry is automatic for most of the products while you will only have to enter the price.
  • Multi language listing is fully supported both for manual entry as well as auto generation of the title.
  • Product variations is supported for listing and inventory purposes.
Order Management
  • Downloads Manually/automatically orders from all channel shops
  • Prints per order instruction sheet in English and a uniquely designed paper for that shop in the local language.
  • Confirmation facilities that will ensure that you do not send the wrong item.
  • Standard Barcode reader is supported for faster processing of orders fulfillment. 
  • All shipping data is entered including tracking number so the customer will get the information that will allow them to track the items bought.
  • Auto upload the confirmation info to the relevant channel.
Inventory Control
  • Single place to keep the inventory level.
  • Delayed fulfillment - the system provides a range of options to set a delay of fulfillment. You may set a delay per individual item, Per fulfillment center, and for the entire given channel shop.
  • When downloading orders the stock is adjusted automatically.
  • These change are automatically propagated in the various channel stores so if an item is out of stock following a recent purchase. The system will end eBay listing automatically and set 0 stock on Amazon.
Advanced Features
  • Using advanced software techniques, the system can generate the title of the product saving you time & money based on the product technical information provided.
  • The above can be used instead of manual translation allowing more companies to trade in foreign markets.
  • Bespoke software development for the special requirements of your business.
Multi fulfillment Centers
  • Allows you to fulfill your orders in more than one center or to rely on a dedicated fulfillment house for some selected products.
  • This feature will print only the orders that are due to be fulfilled in the given fulfillment center.
  • Admin mode will allow you to monitor the progress of all centers.
Re-pricing Features
  • Set minimum and maximum per products to maximize your margins and sale volumes.
  • Sophisticated repricing options that will allow you to profit in most competitive markets.